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JUL-AUG 2017

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Series 22 Series 33 Series 44+ Fire and Smoke Rated Pathways Smoke Rated Pathways EZDR 6IXVSƤXHIZMGI JSVSZIVƤPPIHWPIIZIW NEZ33 Smoke-rated [EPPTEXL[E] NEZ33CK Smoke-rated GIMPMRKTEXL[E] RFG1 GEFPI KVSQQIX RFG2 GEFPI KVSQQIX the only logical choice EZ-Pat h ® Pathwa y s R HUWKHXOWLPDWHLQ H[LELOLW\DQGFDQYLUWXDOO\HOLPLQDWH QH V G XHWRQRQFRP SO LDQFHLQFUHDVLQ J \ RXUVDYLQ J VRYHUDQ G RYHUD J DL Q E Z-Pat h ® LVD I XOO\VXVWDLQDEOHFDEOHSDWKZD\VROXWLRQ I RUWKHOL I HWLPHR I \ R X UEXLOGLQJ Specified Technolo g ies Inc . 2017 Platinum Level S p onsor V i s i t us a t Booth 501 A l ways C ompliant . 6FDQWR O HDUQ PRUHD E RXWW K H EZ-Pat h ® 6\ VWH P f f Discover the entire f ami ly o f X Ends downstream maintenance & ins p ection costs X (OLPLQDWHVRQ J RLQ J UH VPRNHVHDOLQ J FRVW V X Allows remote cable p ulls throu g h multi p le barriers X Reduces unnecessar y tri p s above the ceilin g X L i m i ts li a bili t y & d ecreases ex p osure to p at h o ge ns

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