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JUL-AUG 2017

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62 Medical Construction & Design | J U LY/AUGUST 2017 | MCDM AG.COM BUILDING ENVELOPE Fluid-Applied Barrier Offers Sustainable Protection from Air, Water Leaks The new DuPont Tyvek Fluid-Applied WB+ System has been added to the portfolio of DuPont building envelope products. The new product features a high-performance silyl-terminated polyether technology that provides both a superior air and water barrier and industry-leading vapor permeability. The combination of this product results into a reformulated fl uid-applied membrane for ease of use on most commercial substrates — which provides much ease to spray on the wall. The system helps facilities meet or exceed energy-effi cient codes. It supports sustainability by preventing air and water leaks, as well as metal corrosion and wood rot. It also helps prevent air and water leakage at the vertical walls of the building envelope, allowing for more sustainable structures through enhanced energy effi ciency. ID#107 Products For more information on these products, visit CEILING PANELS Customizable Ceiling Panels Offer Cost-Effi cient Overhead Heating QMark radiant ceiling panels from Marley Engineered Products blend in seamlessly with any indoor building space and are designed to provide localized spot heating or primary heating where it's needed. The panels can be specifi ed by dimension and output level to ensure optimal integration with a building's traffi c fl ow and design. To increase building energy effi cien- cies and off set perimeter heat loss, radiant ceiling panels warm specifi c spaces and objects without having to waste heat on the surrounding air, allowing for comfortable room conditions at a lower temperature and cost. With no fans, air move- ment or moving parts to maintain, the pan- els don't circulate dust or fumes, are low maintenance and operate quieter than fan-forced alter- natives. ID#106 ACOUSTICS Modular Acoustic Tiles Add Visual Appeal, Offer Sound Absorption Properties Topo Tiles is a new series of modular acoustic tiles made by Woven Image and distributed in North America by Kirei. A simple solution for healthcare spaces where noise matters, the tiles add 3-D visual appeal, texture and sound absorption to any fl at wall or ceiling. Tiles are available in 20 various colors in two elevated styles: Pixel and Barcode. The Pixel design offers 36 percent layer coverage per tile and can be staggered or rotated to create a random pattern. Barcode tiles can be rotated, staggered or aligned regularly to create different patterns and the 45 percent layered coverage adds more sound absorption and diffusion. The tiles use both soft surfaces and different thicknesses within a single tile to address sound control issues. ID#109 FLOORING Concrete System Features Integrated Moisture Control, Self-Leveling Underlayment Ardex Concrete Management Systems are specifi ed fi nishing methods for new concrete with an integrated system of moisture control and self-leveling underlayment products. This system for new, concrete fl oor construction guarantees dry, fl at and level surfaces, meets the tolerances of all trades and helps keep projects on time and within budget. Using ACMS, the contractor will place, consolidate, strike off and bull-fl oat/ re-straighten the concrete and allow the bleed-water to dissipate, eliminating the labor and time- intensive fi nal fl oat and steel trowel fi nishing steps. Following a wet-cover or chemical membrane cure and surface brush blast, the system can be installed using Ardex MC Moisture Control Systems, which allows almost immediate installation of Ardex underlayment and fi nished fl ooring, while mitigating future risks resulting from moisture emissions from the slab. ID#108 SIGNAGE Ultra-Bright Video Wall Display Aids in Hospital Wayfi nding The new 55-inch LG Ultra-Bright video wall display features a slim 3.5 mm bezel-to-bezel width and is three times brighter than conventional solutions. With 1500 nit peak brightness, and a high-performance system-on-a-chip, the new display (model 55VX1D) offers image quality and high brightness nec- essary to grab attention from distances near or far, even in brightly lit areas. End users can also distribute control commands across connected display panels within the video wall through LAN daisy chain, maximizing display content. Even more, the video wall offers a sleek design that fi ts easily and blends seamlessly into healthcare wayfi nd- ing installation environments. ID#105

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