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JUL-AUG 2018

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20 Medical Construction & Design | J U LY/AUGUST 2018 | MCDM AG.COM Metal Panel Series Meets Requirements of Unique Healthcare Project Aesthetics Formawall Dimen- sion Series Graphix from Centria presents the ultimate in design freedom and exceptional architectural perfor- mance in an all-in-one panel design, created by transverse reveals. This dynamic, modular system reduces the number of panels required for unique healthcare project aesthetics, leading to simplifi ed installation and a reduced opportunity for air and water infi ltration. Implementing Centria's dynamic specialty fi nishes with these metal panels, including Allura Earth Tone Series and Natural Stone Series, Allusion Faux Finishes and Sundance Mica and Metallic coat- ings, creates a bold profi le that outperforms ACM and other alternate cladding materials. ID#105 Exterior Wall Covering Offers Look of True Stone Crossville's I Naturali is a collection of gauged porcelain tile panels that captures the innate elegance and impact of natural stone and artisanal marbles. The tile panels are noted for their large outer dimensions and lean profi les of just 5.6 mm in thick- ness for exterior wall covering. The panel's skin surfaces in large swathes of the look of true stone yet the performance of modern porcelain tile. The large dimensions, yet very lean profi le, offer unparalleled versatility in application, creating nearly seamless installations with minimal grout and uninterrupted style. ID#103 For more information on these products, visit Building Exteriors Spotlight Amazon Echo Integrated with Glass Product Allows Patients to Control Glass Tint SageGlass recently integrated with Amazon Echo to allow occupants to control the glass' tint using voice commands. Occupants can make statements like "Alexa, ask SageGlass to reduce glare," or "Alexa, ask SageGlass to let the warm sunshine in," and watch the glass tint in accor- dance to the command. Along with ease of use, this capability can be integrated with other building management systems as voice controls continue to grow in popularity. In healthcare, this feature can empower patients. With the use of voice to con- trol the SageGlass in their hospital room, patients will have the power to man- age how much light comes into their room, which has been proven to have a positive impact on healing and the overall patient experience. ID#102 Luminaire Improves Illumination Quality for Healthcare Parking Areas Well-designed parking lot lighting can help patients and visitors feel safer and more at ease. Optec LED Lighting's new OLA1 Small and Large Series area lumi- naire greatly improves illumination quality. The series is available in lumen pack- ages of 9,000 to 48,000 (80W-360W), Type 2, 3, 4, 5 optical patterns, correlated color temperatures of 4000K and 5000K and with a 10kV surge suppressor. Backed by a 10-year warranty, the fi xtures also come with universal square or round pole bracket mounting, Wattstopper occupancy sensor, shields and photo- cell (7 pin for wireless nodes) and are DLC Premium. ID#101 Nichiha Expands Fiber Cement Panel Line, Offers New Color System Illumination fi ber cement panels from Nichiha USA are available in a new color system, which uses a proprietary system to offer healthcare customers a virtually limitless pallet of color options to choose the shade that will perfectly match their design vision. High-quality pigments are used to create bold, vibrant colors that offer excellent color and gloss retention, durability and a scratch- resistant fi nish. A clear protective coating provides additional protection from the elements, ensuring the color will last. ID#104 New Coating Provides Superior Performance for Perimeter Fire Barrier Specifi ed Technologies' SpecSeal Safi ng Spray is a new fi restop coating designed for curtainwall safi ng applications. Safi ng Spray is a higher-solid, elastomeric coating that meets the exacting criteria of ASTM E2307 for use in perimeter fi re barrier systems. The spray features a premium latex binder system that, once dry, is totally resistant to water and will not re-emulsify. The fast-drying formula is tack free in less than two hours and completely dried through in 24-48 hours (depending upon temperature and humidity). In the wet stage, it allows for easy cleanup with water and has low VOCs to meet demanding regulatory require- ments. When dry, it forms a fl exible shield against the spread of fi re, hot gases and smoke. ID#100

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