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JUL-AUG 2018

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MCDM AG.COM | J U LY/AUGUST 2018 | Medical Construction & Design 25 staff to access PPE storage and/or waste receptacles. All-in-all, fi nding a balance between innovative design, while improving care, is critical. Alert, alert Healthcare facilities provide care for patients that have spreadable diseases through air or physical contact. The presence of an infectious patient is generally intermittent even in isolation rooms, so clear notifi cation must be provided at the entrance of the room if staff needs to follow PPE protocol. There are several possible design responses to alert staff of the required protocols for infectious patients: > A cabinet containing PPE can be hung on the door when needed When an isolation patient is assigned to a bed, hospital staff must carry a cabinet to the room, hang it on the door and stock the compartments with the various gloves, gowns, etc. When the patient is moved or discharged, the PPE cabinet should be removed until another isolation patient is assigned to that room. > Signage can be mounted to the wall that has slots for the room number, patient name and additional slots This allows various conditions to be advertised, such as contact isolation, fall risk, oxygen in use, etc. These signs are an elegant solution; however, staff responding to an emergency might miss PPE requirements if the warning is too subtle. Also, visitors might overlook or not properly interpret such a warning. > Brightly colored magnetic strips with pre-printed warnings 1. Built-in millwork not only organizes PPE items just inside the room entrance, but it provides hands-free access to the waste container while keeping it from view. 2. Staff at Jefferson Health Cherry Hill Hospital, previously Kennedy Health, explored new design through virtual reality and gained a better understanding of the proposed new facility. 3. A mock-up room for Jefferson Health Cherry Hill Hospital, previously Kennedy Health, provided clinicians the ability to test sight lines into patient rooms and coordinate the location of PPE items with the glazed-view windows. 2-21 days Incubation period of Ebola virus disease — 3 2009 Year U.S. Department of Health and Human Services published the National Action Plan to Prevent Health Care-Associated Infections: Road Map to Elimination (HAI Action Plan) —

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