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JUL-AUG 2018

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MCDM AG.COM | J U LY/AUGUST 2018 | Medical Construction & Design 29 hospitals are equipped to keep fresh air continuously entering spaces. According to studies by Wells and Riley, the increased airfl ow rates decrease the potential pathogen load. Ventilation regulations are mainly designed using a systematic com- fort zone model that includes temperature, humidity, airfl ow and light that is physi- cally comfortable to building occupants. A better understanding of the ecol- ogy of the built environment microbiome (collective genome of microorganisms) could allow the comfort zone model to be expanded to design spaces that maximize human health and well-being by linking architectural and environmental condi- tions to the ecology of indoor microbes. Spaces diff ering in architectural design characteristics contain distinctive bacteri- al groups, and space type and air handling units tend to cause the largest variations in bacterial community compositions. The observed relationship between building design and airborne bacterial diversity suggests that by altering building designs, and how indoor environments are man- aged, it's possible to more eff ectively con- trol the microbial species that potentially colonize healthcare spaces. 1903 Year Niels Ryberg Finsen was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine. He was the fi rst to employ UV rays in treating disease. — For proper infection control, utilize surfaces and curved or coved material intersections that do not allow for the collection and advancement of bacteria. Antimicrobial surfaces should be specifi ed throughout. In addition, fl ush-mount technology, lighting, glazing, entertainment and storage should be utilized to avoid small corners that would inhibit cleaning. $25-$31.5B Estimated medical cost savings of using infection prevention practices —

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