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JUL-AUG 2018

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MCDM AG.COM | J U LY/AUGUST 2018 | Medical Construction & Design 43 The trickle down With valuable feedback from employees and other partners, design elements pioneered in one area can eventually inspire redesigns of other areas, such as waiting areas, ambulatory care facilities and maternity units. That process is underway, as design ideas from Spark! migrate to several of Holy Redeemer's services and programs. Privacy is a prior- ity; patients don't check in at a counter, partitioned by a glass window, but instead enter a small but pleasant "conversa- tion room" where they can talk with a staff member before seeing the doctor. And dressing rooms, exam rooms and diag- nostic areas have in-wall audio systems allowing the patient to program their favorite genre of music while they wait. Staid waiting rooms are giving way to areas that let patients entertain, educate or otherwise occupy themselves, or do nothing at all next to a fireplace or virtual fish tank. "One of our earliest discus- sions was about how we could best engage patients so they don't feel like they're in a wait- ing room, or at least don't mind the wait, if there is one," said Holt. Living room-like seating and in-wall iPads offer comfort and distraction while awaiting an appointment. In one satel- lite office, patients can also visit an adjacent café, armed with a restaurant-style pager that will alert them when their provider is ready. Experience design innova- tions are also inspiring the redesign of inpatient spaces in the hospital itself, including the outpatient diagnostic cen- ter, wound care center, medical office building, patient rooms, nurses' stations, family consult rooms and other areas. Soothing spaces that encourage collaboration and brainstorming have a trans- formative effect on staff and those they encounter including other employees, customers and patients, giving them more insight into their role within the system. Jack Dempster is vice president of facilities & construction at Holy Redeemer Health System. ENGAGE VARIOUS DISCIPLINES Holy Redeemer drew several lessons from the process: > Solicit input from patients and visitors, as well as the entire staff. Patients, doctors, nurses, support personnel and human resources staff contribute valuable ideas based on their own experiences, and the feedback they receive from others. > Find your own "Imagineers." Empanel a committee or immersion group to brainstorm ideas, ideally from a cross section of departments and disciplines. Encourage the group to imagine the best possible future without limitations first. Then, design backward from that point. > Engage professionals outside of healthcare. These are the experts used to interpret ideas from a team and convert them into specific design elements. They will take themes and visions and make them tangible. > Focus on creating a warm welcome, both in terms of physical space and personal attention, and develop spaces that will appeal to all the senses. > Design spaces centered on the patient and the touch- points they encounter. 1.800.428.4065 TOLL FREE ▲ Behavioral Healthcare Lavatory Healthcare Fixtures That Last! © 2016 Willoughby Industries Inc. Conceived to minimize ligature points for behavioral healthcare environments. Engineered with a 1,000-lb. weight rating and specific features for bariatric patients in healthcare environments. Fabricated from all-welded 14-gauge type 304 stainless, these sinks come in a variety of configurations with 1–3 stations BHS-3123 WBL-2320 Stainless Steel Scrub Sinks ▲ ▲ Infection Control Lavatory Designed specifically to minimize splashing and reduce the spread of infectious disease. CSA Z8000 compliant! WICS-2222 EWSSS Now we're even easier to specify! Bariatric Healthcare Lavatory ▲ » Information sheets and REVIT files are available at

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