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JUL-AUG 2018

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62 Medical Construction & Design | J U LY/AUGUST 2018 | MCDM AG.COM FIXTURES Solid Surface Sink Line Expanded to Include 3 New Models Three new models have been added to Sloan's SloanStone line of molded, solid surface sinks. The new models feature a wide range of aesthetic and color options designed to fi t the needs of healthcare facilities and other commercial buildings. Strategically engineered for high-traffi c environments, the sinks are vandal resistant and feature a single-molded basin with non-porous surfaces for a hygienic environment that can be easily serviced. The new sinks are ideal for wall-mount ap- plications and complement Sloan's existing line of sinks, such as the gradient (ELGR series) and electronic lavatory system (ELS Series) models. They can be paired with any of the com- pany's faucets and seven new matching sensor-activated soap dispensers for a cohesive on-deck aesthetic. ID#109 PATIENT ENTERTAINMENT Healthcare-Grade Patient Televisions Feature Enhanced Entertainment Options PDi Communication Systems, Inc. launched a line of healthcare-grade fl at panel LED pa- tient HDTVs that have integrated smart apps: the PDi A-Series. These TVs offer patients added entertainment and relaxation options for facilities not yet ready to turn on in- ternet access. The series is available in screen sizes 24, 32, 42 and 55 inches. Easily connect to additional smart app features or interactive patient systems later. Along with standard TV, the series offers integrated relaxation and gaming apps. Patients can navi- gate a medTV icon-based app menu with a numeric or navigational pillow speaker. These apps require no internet connection for patients to use, making the A-Series a simple plug- n-play solution, with no additional computer module or internet hookups necessary. ID#108 Products For more information on these products, visit TEXTILES 3 Patterns Added to Healthcare Performance Vinyl Product Line Morbern has added to its MorCare performance vinyl line for healthcare applications with three new patterns: Abbey, Cinema and Nomad – two chic and vibrant patterns plus a solid that comes in a vast array of colors. The new Abbey pattern features a hand- drawn, tone-on-tone plaid pattern in 13 colorways, while Cinema sports a repeating capsule-shaped graphic in 10 colorways. Nomad is a textured solid available in 28 coordinating colorways. MorCare is designed to handle the highest demands of hospitals. With enhanced resistance to harsh chemicals, it will resist the repeated actions of normal dilutions of chlorine bleaches and quaternary-am- monia-salt based cleaners without serious discoloration. The product maintains its appearance even after heavy-duty use, thanks to its additional thick, fl exible layers that resist chemicals and wear. ID#110 DOORS & HARDWARE Handicap Door Switch Generates Energy when Pushed For use on doors that allow easier access for those physically impaired, the Eco-Friendly OPTEX Energy Harvest Module generates a charge when the switch is pushed, eliminating the need for hardwiring or batteries. This charge is used to send a wireless signal to activate the door. The use of this switch will help eliminate large volumes of batteries from entering landfi lls. Elimination of batteries also reduces the total cost of ownership associated with low-energy doors. Additionally, this technology can be applied to any application where wireless power is required to operate small devices. ID#107 GREEN WALL Living Design Company Expands Greenery- Based Portable Wall, Partition Line Sagegreenlife has expanded its Ver- danta product line consisting of plant- fi lled portable walls and partitions. The latest line introduces the Pro- ductivity wall, with one side that features plants and the other side a whiteboard workspace, combining the power of work and wellness. The Flourish wall also joined the product line to allow for the utmost versatility. Installed in just a few hours with bountiful plant growth, the Flourish wall is modular in design and snaps on to the desired area, offering the fl exibility to move with fl oorplan changes. The Productivity and Flourish walls join the existing Duet wall, which houses plants on both sides of the panel. ID#106

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