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JAN-FEB 2015

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Products applications, case studies & best practices Founded in 1915, Meridian, Missis- sippi-based Rush Health Systems is a comprehensive healthcare network serving East Central Mississippi and West Central Alabama. Rush opened Choctaw General Hospital in 2012. The 74,000-square-foot critical access hospital is the only one in Choctaw County, Alabama. Fred Rogers, Rush Health Systems' veteran vice president, chief resource of cer and facility manager, decided to renovate an existing building for the administration portion of the new hos- pital and enlisted architects to create plans for a new 44,000-square-foot ad- dition to house the patient care section. For the new patient care addition, Rogers selected the variable refriger- ant fl ow zoning system from Mitsubi- shi Electric US Cooling & Heating Division (Mitsubishi Electric). "Fortunately, I installed my fi rst Mitsubishi Electric VRF [zoning] system years ago in our fl agship Rush Health Systems hospital in downtown Meridian," Rogers said. Mitsubishi Electric VRF system optimizes comfort, healing at Choctaw General Hospital Breathing Room HVAC/ VRF ZONING "That system saved me $36,000 the fi rst year. I now specify this excel- lent VRF zoning system for all new critical access hospitals we build — Choctaw is our fi fth. This technol- ogy is the fi nest for the very specifi c needs of the healthcare industry." Stan Williamson, a senior proj- ect manager with McLain Plumb- ing & Electrical Services, Inc., installed the VRF zoning system. "I have been in the HVAC indus- try all my life and have really been impressed with this VRF zoning system from Mitsubishi Electric," Williamson said. "I have experience with every VRF-type system in the industry and I can say that Mitsubi- shi Electric's engineering and design is the fi nest in the business. In fact, it is twice as energy ef cient as all the rest, and it is especially benefi - cial in the healthcare industry." Williamson especially likes Mitsubi- shi Electric's individual zoning capabil- ity. "In healthcare facilities, a patient in one room is going to want it cold while his neighbor next door wants it hot. Mitsubishi Electric's simultane- ous cooling and heating capacity is the best in the industry. Conventional systems cannot do this," he said. Choctaw Hospital Administra- tor J.W. Cowan says patient care is his number one priority, and he gives the Mitsubishi Electric VRF zoning systems credit for provid- ing the comfortable environment his patients greatly appreciate. "I have never had one patient com- plaint because this Mitsubishi [Elec- tric] system is such a good fi t with hospitals," said Cowan. "The indoor units are so quiet the patient is not aware they are operating. And the in- dividual room controls are so precise my patients are always comfortable. I was with a patient today whom I have to move to another hospital. She remarked, 'I don't want to go because they always keep it cold and I know I will be uncomfortable. Here, my room is always at the right temperature.'" The VRF zoning system also result- ed in lower energy costs for Choctaw. "When I look at my monthly energy bills, I am shocked at how af ordable my costs are — especially during the peak summer and winter months," Cowan continued. "I attribute this largely to the energy-saving aspects of my Mitsubishi [Electric] system." Learn more at Choctaw General Mitsubishi Electric VRF zoning EQUIPMENT (1) PURY- P120YJMU-A R2-Series Outdoor Unit (1) PURY-P192YS- JMU-A R2-Series Outdoor Unit (1) MXZ- 8B48NA-M-Series Outdoor Unit (26) PLFY- P12NBMU-E Ceiling-Recessed Cassette Indoor Units (2) MSY-GE24NA Wall-Mounted Indoor Units (2) MUY-GE24NA Outdoor Units (2) MSZ-GE24NA Wall-Mounted Indoor Units (30) PAR-21 MAA Controllers (1) GB-50ADA Centralized Controller — At left: Choctaw General Hospital, Choctaw County, Alabama, was looking for an energy-effi cient HVAC system. The answer came in the form of VRF zoning technology. Mitsubishi Electric's simultaneous cooling and heating system boosts Choctaw patients' comfort. MCDM AG.COM | JA N UA RY/ F EBRUA RY 2015 | Medical Construction & Design 53

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