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JUL-AUG 2015

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Maintenance Categories and Defi nitions As established by the International Facility Maintenance Association and Building Owners of America. Predictive Maintenance (PdM): > IFMA: Routine mainte- nance, testing or inspection performed to anticipate failure using specifi c methods and equipment. Typical methods are vibration analysis, thermogra- phy, X-ray or acoustic systems. > BOMA: Systems are inspected and maintained before they break, as a means of preventing the breakdown completely. PdM uses statistics, measurement and experience to determine the service interval for a particular piece of equip- ment. Typical measurements used in predictive maintenance include vibration analysis, infrared and ultrasonic testing. Preventive Maintenance (PM): > IFMA: Cyclical, planned work activities funded through the an- nual budget cycle, done to con- tinue or achieve either the origi- nally anticipated life of a fi xed asset (i.e., buildings and fi xed equipment), or an established suitable level of performance. Normal/routine maintenance is performed on capital assets such as buildings and fi xed equipment to help them reach their originally anticipated life. > BOMA: Preventive mainte- nance involves taking equip- ment apart, inspecting the parts, replacing any worn parts, replacing seals and gaskets, lubricating the moving parts to improve wear and putting the equipment back together. The centerpiece of the preventive maintenance program is a pre- ventive maintenance schedule. Reactive Maintenance (RM): > IFMA: Unscheduled work that requires immediate ac- tion to restore services, to remove problems that could interrupt activities, or to protect life and property. > BOMA: Reactive mainte- nance occurs when the building system has already broken and needs repairing or requires cali- bration. Reactive maintenance issues are unexpected failures. When reactive maintenance is prevalent at a property, the engi- neers no longer control the work schedule — the work schedule controls them. In reactive main- tenance, engineers often go from one system failure to another. As soon as they fi x one component, something else breaks down. BUILDING CARE & OPERATIONS ISSUE FOCUS Proudly made in the USA. SERVING 3 , 000 + OF THE TOP HOSPITALS AND FACILITIES Let Carstens create IMPROVE workfow with smart point-of-care design WALLAroo ® with ISONAS TM Integrated storage solution for medications, EHR equipment and supplies Includes advanced permission management software for swipe cards and keypad security Streamlines processes, improves effciency and helps reduce errors See why facility planners around the country request WALLAroo ® workstations. Call ( 800 ) 782-1524 for more information. MCDM AG.COM | J U LY/AUGUST 2015 | Medical Construction & Design 33

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