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JUL-AUG 2015

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WAYFINDING ADA Substrates Fit for Wayfinding, Interior Branding Applications Duets Direct by Gemini introduces its DuetsTac- tiles plastic sheet stock for ADA, wayfi nding and appliqué applications. With a broad selection of ADA substrates in the industry's most requested colors, patterns and fi nishes, end-users can meet any interior or exterior ADA, wayfi nding and interi- or branding specifi cations. Dedicated to the high- est quality, the ADA substrates offer impact-mod- ifi ed acrylic in a matte, non-glare fi nish. To meet diverse design specifi cations, substrates are available in several thicknesses. With over 40 color choices, users can select from a wide range of options, including clear/matte, black and a variety of white pigments. ID#107 FABRICS AND TEXTILES Bloom Collection Debuts FR-Free Product Line Morbern has introduced the Bloom Collection, the company's fi rst fl ame retardant-free vinyl. Bloom is anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, with a stain-resistant fi nish and enhanced-abrasion resistance (no wear at 100,000 double rubs) to meet the demands of high-traf c interiors. It meets the fl ammability requirements of CA TB 117-2013, UFAC Class 1, BIFMA Class A and NFPA 260A. The collection is available in three patterns (City, Radio, Holly) and 11 colors ranging from graphic black and white to colorful blues, yellow, red and green. ID#106 Products For more information on these products, visit POWER CleanSource Provides Critical Power Protection to Healthcare Facilities Active Power's CleanSource HD UPS is an ideal fi t for the specifi c demands of healthcare applications where electrical interruption is not an op- tion. The fl ywheel-based product is proven to reduce system failure risk by 80 percent versus a conventional battery UPS, providing peace of mind for healthcare facility operators. For applications requiring longer UPS autonomy, CleanSource HD sup- ports an extended runtime option with standard batteries that supple- ment the fl ywheel to provide up to 30 minutes of additional runtime. ID#105 ACTIVE DESICCANT SYSTEM PROVIDES LOW DEW POINT AT LOST COST SEMCO LLC's ASCENDANT Series is a conventional cooling and active desiccant dehumidifi cation hybrid system with regen- eration input at the HVAC industry's lowest cost of installation and operation. Available in fi ve standard models ranging up to 20,000 cfm, the series is ideal for hospitals and other applica- tions requiring low dew point temperatures and supply air hu- midity levels as low as 15 grains. ASCENDANT allows the build- ing HVAC system to run more effi ciently by utilizing higher coil air discharge and central plant suction temperatures, thus it's compliant with ASHRAE 90.1 building energy, ASHRAE 170 ventila- tion and ASHRAE 62.1 indoor air quality standards. ID#109 PERMANENT MAGNET AC MOTORS ADDED TO ENERGY RECOVERY WHEEL PRODUCT LINE Airxchange is making the SyMAX Permanent Magnet AC Motor available on most of its ex- isting energy recovery wheels and all models in the new Expanded Capacity line (15,000 thru 60,000 cfm). Especially suited for health- care facilities, ERV technology can simultane- ously reduce the levels of all indoor pollutants and reduce the size and operating cost of the HVAC system. The motors deliver signifi cant energy savings and improved HVAC effi ciency over traditional AC induction mo- tors. In addition, the unique construction and advanced controls of the mo- tors were designed to easily integrate with building automation systems. These motors have an integrated power supply. They can operate on a low voltage signal without requiring an external variable speed drive. ID#108 IAQ Active Power's CleanSource HD 62 Medical Construction & Design | J U LY/AUGUST 2015 | MCDM AG.COM

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