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JUL-AUG 2015

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Products Spectra254 has introduced new barcoding functional- ities with its Spectra 1000 Series of mobile sanitizing sys- tems that eliminate MRSA and C. diff and combats Ebola. The barcoding feature provides the convenience of using bar- code labels at the doorframe of each room to expedite data entry of the time, day, room number and operator ID for each room ser- viced. In doing so, not only is the potential for human error elimi- nated, the time savings in the data entry process results in a faster turnaround time per room and on the daily schedule. ID#112 FLOORING Rubber Wall Base Recognized as Cradle to Cradle Certifi ed Bronze Tarkett's Johnsonite BaseWorks Thermoset Rubber Wall Base was recently recognized as Cradle to Cradle Certifi ed Bronze under Version 3.0. The product also earned a Silver level Material Health Certifi cate using the material health assessment methodology of the C2C Product Standard. As part of a line of coordinating fl ooring solutions, fi nishing borders and accessories, BaseWorks Thermoset Rubber Wall Base has 2.3 percent rapidly renewable content and more than 98 percent in weight of the raw materials used in the product are assessed as "good materials." The product has low VOC emissions (less than 10 micrograms/m3) and is also recyclable. The C2C recognition can help with LEED v4 credit achievement. ID#111 LIGHTING Wireless Lighting Control System Fit for Retrofi ts The new Encelium Wireless Energy Man- agement System from Osram Sylvania is a robust portfolio of sleek hardware solu- tions designed to expand lighting control to hard-to-reach locations and simplify and lower the overall cost of installation. The system is based on the ZigBee Pro net- work stack and includes wireless managers, sensors, control modules for attaching to light fi xtures and wallstations. It is a cost-effective option for retrofi tting existing spaces with the latest in lighting control technology, while also reducing the complexity involved with wiring. The components also have a low-profi le, sleek design that offer a "silent" ceiling look. ID#113 Anti-microbial Recessor Troffer Offers Sterile Lighting Solution Photonic Labs' Anti-microbial Recessor Trof- fer is a customizable light fi xture designed specifi cally for hospital applications with direct and indirect lighting. Its key benefi t is its anti-microbial fi nish, which prevents bacteria from growing on the light fi xtures. This type of sterile lighting solution is integral in areas that require a high level of sanitation for the safety of occupants. In addition to anti-infection qualities, these new lights also contain custom sensor switching for improved lighting effi ciency. These sensors, built directly into lighting systems, allow for real-time monitoring of occupancy and motion, as well as control of light- ing levels to decrease illumination in empty rooms. Further functionality and networking capabilities are available. This functionality, coupled with Photonic Labs' patented LED lighting technology, offers increased energy effi ciency of up to 75 percent. ID#114 INFECTION CONTROL Barcoding Feature Added to Sanitizing System FIXTURES Commercial Line of Bathroom Fixtures Extend Appearance, Performance The new faucets and showerheads within Moen Commercial's line of M•Dura bathroom fi xtures offer fresh, contemporary styles with clean lines, while also including the highest grade of durability and performance needed within high-use environments. All faucets have a vandal-resistant aerator and handles, as well as solid- brass construction. For a completely matched look, tub and shower components are available to extend both the appearance and performance into the shower stall. Showerhead options include one with a standard fl ow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute or an Eco-Performance model with a fl ow rate of 1.5 gpm. A discrete transfer and grab bar slide bar is also available for added stability and safety. ID#110 MCDM AG.COM | J U LY/AUGUST 2015 | Medical Construction & Design 63

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