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JAN-FEB 2016

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Parkland Plastics, Inc. P.O. Box 339, 104 Yoder Drive, Middlebury, IN 46540 Toll Free: 800.835.4110 • Phone: 574.825.4336 For a special pricing offer based on this advertisement please visit: Forklift-Proof, Cart-Proof, Polisher-Proof, Wheelchair-Proof, Luggage-Proof, Dolly-Proof, Bleach-Proof, Waterproof, Everything-Proof, DECORATIVE BASE MOLDING! DUROBASE ULTIMATE WALL PROTECTION TM TM DUROBASE - Available in several architecturally pleasing colors and various HPL laminates. Base molding sizes from 4-10 inches high. Chair rail and corner guards also available. PRODUCT CERTIFIED FOR LOW CHEMICAL EMISSIONS: UL.COM/GG UL 2818 THE INDUSTRY'S FIRST 1.5 years X\icRer WayIacR over 20% greater effi ciency Introducing the EFS Hand Wash System from Chicago Faucets. A whole new option for healthcare hand wash stations. Every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), nearly 725,000 people acquire infections while in hospitals in the United States. Hand hygiene is one of the most important ways to prevent these infections. Working with Ecolab, Chicago Faucets has developed the EFS – an automated touch-free system that delivers water and soap in a consistent, pre-defined sequence. The simple 3-step process, including a timed soap-scrubbing period, supports the CDC hand washing recommendations to help reduce hospital acquired infections. The unique look of the EFS system makes hand-washing stations easy to identify for healthcare personnel. To learn more and see how the EFS can work in your next hospital or healthcare project, give us a call at 800/323-5060 or visit 800/323-5060 Step 1 Water and soap Step 2 Timed scrub Step 3 Rinse WEBSITE SUBSCRIBE LINKED-IN P.O. Box 4636, Scottsdale, AZ 85261 ELECTRONIC SERVICE REQUESTED M T January/February 2016 | Volume 12, Issue 1 | First proton therapy center opens in Dallas/Fort Worth area Fi rst p roton t h era p y center opens in Dallas/Fort Worth area p ACCESS TO CARE CLICK HERE TO RE

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