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JAN-FEB 2016

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and designers. About 25 percent didn't know and the others were involved in the decision-making process. Additional questions revealed that decisions typically were made without any input from key stakeholders responsible for infection prevention within healthcare facilities. The selection of surfaces plays a critical role in the ability to clean and disinfect the healthcare environment. Stakeholders must set surface selection criteria that take into consideration all aspects in order to guide the process. Key considerations Not all surfaces can be cleaned or disinfected with the same products, as damage can occur. Damage is usually unseen and microbes can remain in microbial reservoirs forming biofi lm and colonies that are dif cult at best to eliminate. The following questions help determine what protocols must be implemented in order to ensure an area remains microbial free: 1.800.428.4065 TOLL FREE Behavioral Healthcare Lavatory NEW Healthcare Fixtures © 2015 Willoughby Industries Inc. e a l t h c a r e F i x t u r e s Conceived to minimize ligature points for behavioral healthcare environments. Engineered with a 1,000-lb. ZHLJKWUDWLQJDQGVSHFLÀF features for bariatric patients in healthcare environments. 2XUVWDLQOHVVVWHHOÁRRUPRXQWHG WRLOHWLVVSHFLÀFDOO\GHVLJQHG to reduce ligature points and the use of the bowl as a suicide device. BHS-3123 WBL-2320 Ligature Resistant Toilet Infection Control Sink 'HVLJQHGVSHFLÀFDOO\WR minimize splashing and reduce the spread of infectious disease. CSA Z8000 compliant! WICS-2222 AS-ETWS-1490-FM-BS Now we're even easier to specify! Bariatric Healthcare Lavatory » ,QIRUPDWLRQVKHHWVDQG5(9,7ÀOHVDUHDYDLODEOHDWZLOORXJKE\LQGFRP Shown with optional white anti-bacterial gloss powder FRDWHGHQDPHOÀQLVK Corridor: Engy1/ MCDM AG.COM | JA N UA RY/ F EBRUA RY 2016 | Medical Construction & Design 21

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