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JUL-AUG 2016

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CENTRIA Insulated Metal Panel System Enhanced with New Features The CENTRIA Formawall Insulated Metal Vertical Joint is engineered to be weathertight. All-metal joinery replaces traditional gaskets at the end joints for advanced protection from air and water penetration and a continuous, contempo- rary façade. The Formawall Pressure-Equalized Seal Plate works by equalizing pressure at the end joint, forming a shield against air and water infi ltration. An integral gasket, a vented drain channel and a non-curing butyl seal provide multiple lines of de- fense against moisture infi ltration. ID#103 Vegetative Roof Based on Sustainable Functions FiberTite Roofi ng Solutions, manufactured by Seaman Corporation uses a high- performance single-ply roofi ng membrane. The vegetative roof technology is based on sustainable functions that help manage the quality and quantity of stormwater, increase energy savings and reduce air and water pollution. The system is offered in either a tray or multilayer system. ID#104 Self-Regulating Smart Glass Maximizes Energy Savings, Occupant Comfort SolarSmart is a heat-blocking, self-tinting smart glass that darkens in response to the warmth of the sun to keep interiors cool and comfortable. The hotter the glass surface gets, the darker the glass will tint — providing its occupants with continuous heat and UV blocking throughout the day. Since SolarSmart is solar activated, it requires no power, no wires, no user involvement or sophisticated control systems — allowing for simple installation. Because it is self-regulating, permitting natural daylight to be harvested, it will signifi cantly cut cooling and lighting costs, which in turn will maximize potential energy savings. ID#105 building envelope Spotlight New Barrier System Eliminates Step in Weatherization Process Georgia-Pacific's DensElement Barrier System is a new water-resistive and air barrier system solution for the installation of exte- rior walls. The all-in-one sheathing system integrates into the gypsum sheath- ing panel's core to eliminate an entire step in the typical weatherization process. The system features PROSOCO's R-Guard FastFlash liquid flashing which fills and seals all joints, fasteners and other penetrations to finish the system with no need to fully cover or coat the entire wall. ID#100 ReVyvit by Dryvit Program to Harness Energy Savings, Revitalize Buildings through Renovation Dryvit Systems, Inc. has launched its ReVyvit by Dryvit program to help building owners, archi- tects and engineers harness energy savings and revital- ize buildings through renovation with Outsulation by Dryvit's systems and other high-performance renovation products. A complete single-sourced cladding system, Outsulation by Dryvit provides substantially improved energy effi ciency over more traditional exterior building products, enabling projects to achieve the latest in ASHRAE and Energy Code standards. ID#101 Exceptional Metals has partnered with MBCI, the manufacturer of metal roofi ng and wall systems, to off er roof systems that save time during installation, add striking visual details and provide a secure fi t for unsurpassed protection, durability and effi ciency. The standing seam roofi ng systems off ered are durable and weather-tight and also off er the aesthetics architects and building owners desire. With MBCI's 15 manufacturing facilities across the U.S., the Exceptional Metals by MBCI standing seam collection is easily accessible nationwide. ID#102 For more information on these products, visit Exceptional Metals, MBCI Partner to Offer Standing Seam Roofing Systems 20 Medical Construction & Design | J U LY/AUGUST 2016 | MCDM AG.COM

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