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MAR-APR 2017

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62 Medical Construction & Design | M A RCH /A PR IL 2017 | MCDM AG.COM FLOORING FIRE PROTECTION Expansion Joint Fire Barriers Feature Water Guard Systems Fireline 520 expansion joint fi re barrier systems from JointMaster fi t in joints and slab openings — areas that inherently create a pathway for the threat of fi re to spread throughout a structure — to slow the spread and help building occupants safely evacuate a structure by compart- mentalizing heat, smoke and fl ame. The system features fi re-rated, factory-assembled directional changes with male/female connections to provide easy and consistent installations. All fi re barriers are factory made and ready to install out of the box, which minimizes the chance of improper installation. Fireline 520 also offers exclusive Water Guard systems to protect the blanket from water infi ltration — one of the big- gest threats to fi re barriers both during and after construction. ID#108 Restore Compliance to Non-Compliant Overfi lled Cable Sleeves with Retrofi t Device Specifi ed Technologies, Inc. recently introduced an addition to the EZ-Path family of fi re-rated and smoke-rated cable pathway devices with the EZ-Path Retrofi t Device. This newly designed concept can instantly convert existing defi cient, overfi lled cable sleeves to code-compliant sleeves in sec- onds. By clamping onto the end of the steel sleeve, this two-piece device incorpo- rates intumescent technology to expand and close off the path for fi re. The device plays a functional role permitting cables to spill out of the sleeve and travel in any direction — an important function for exist- ing buildings with cables traveling in various directions. Each device is fi tted with additional smoke-sealing foam to provide low L Rating values to minimize smoke leakage, and is able to accommodate bushings snapped or screwed onto the ends of the sleeves. ID#107 Products For more information on these products, visit noraplan lona Rubber Floor Covering Fosters Positive Patient Experiences noraplan lona from nora systems, Inc. is a new rubber fl oor covering that fosters a positive patient experience while meet- ing the highly specialized needs of healthcare spaces with engaging designs. The fl oor combines all the material advantages of premium rubber fl ooring from perception of cleanliness, a quiet healing environment, right down to caregiver retention with a color palette of rich and vibrant tones. The result is a fl oor covering that connects patients, families, providers and caregivers to the inspired possibilities of every healing environment, supporting positive outcomes and patient engagement. ID#109 Polymer Flooring Combines High- Traffic Protection with Beautiful Aesthetics FloroMica, an epoxy and mica blend slurry fl ooring from Florock Poly- mer Flooring, boasts an array of rich tones that mimics the elegance and appeal of architectural granite. Shim- mering natural mica fl akes accent the subtle undertones to create a unique fi nish with depth, while the durable resins provide unparalleled high-traffi c protection. The fl ooring offers a wide array of benefi ts, including outstanding impact, abrasion and gouge resistance, a no-wax, sanitary and seam- less fi nish, customizable slip-resistance and optional antimicrobial protection. It is an ideal solution for healthcare applications, such as atriums, patient rooms, restrooms, clinics and more. ID#110 High-Performance, Dynamic Fire Damper Meets NFPA Requirements The Ruskin DFD-LP is the only low- profi le integral frame-sleeve high- performance dynamic fi re damper in the industry. The 1½-hour-rated single aerodynamic blade dynamic (fan on) or static (fan off) fi re damper also uses the easiest resettable fuse link in the industry. The easy reset arm helps in testing to meet National Fire Protection Association requirements. The fi re damper features galvanized steel construction and integral sleeve/ frame. The damper is rated for 4,000 feet per minute. Ideal for hospitals, it offers a more maintenance- friendly design over traditional curtain-type fi re dampers. ID#106

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