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As a federal project with more strin- gent design requirements, the VA hospital was constructed with 30 percent more steel in the frame. The campus has 4,100, 150-foot-long structural precast piles installed, 16,000 tons of structural steel erected and 100,000 cubic yards of con- crete were poured. The exterior enclosure mock-up was built and tested and an extensive value-engineering process was completed. Timing Planning for the project's successful delivery began during the pursuit process with a proposed phased construction schedule. Turning over the project in segments allowed VA personnel more time to commission, activate and move into their new buildings. In 2014, the project's fi rst building, the renovated and restored historic Pan-American Life Insurance building, was turned over to the VA for its administrative offi ces. The remaining eight buildings were turned over upon completion, the most recent being the diagnostic and treatment building in October 2016. 1. The perimeter can withstand Category 3 storms and the walls are hardened to resist blasts, ballistic assaults and ramming. The building's bones are designed to guard against progressive collapse; if one part of the building is destroyed, it won't cause a domino effect and lead to a full collapse. > 2. All patient rooms are identical, single-occupancy spaces that can be converted into rooms for two people to accommodate family members or to make room for additional patients in the case of an emergency. Windows stretch from fl oor to ceiling to allow in natural light and provide garden views. Shades can be opened and closed remotely. > 3. Nursing stations are located in the hallways in the middle of every four rooms to increase interaction between patients and staff. 3 2 MCDM AG.COM | J U LY/AUGUST 2017 | Medical Construction & Design 41

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