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Flexibility and reliability were at the heart of the design. At the forefront of rehabilitation technolog y, the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab will likely change its model of care and research over time, while maintaining 24/7/365 patient care. Therefore, fl exible and reliable MEP/T concepts were championed across the facility. Mechanical, fi re protection system concepts The mechanical systems were developed to incorporate fl exible, adaptable, maintainable and redundant design philosophies, confi gured to support a defend-in-place patient care model through an elaborate smoke management system. The hospital features fi ve ability labs, as well as unique research and therapeutic spaces with design features that vary from the code. To accommodate this, a smoke containment system was implemented. Each patient fl oor is split into four smoke zones. Three zones are programmed for patient beds and the fourth is programmed for an ability lab. All are separated by two-hour fi re-rated walls and doors. The concept supports the maintenance of a negative pressure diff erence (0.05 in H20) from fi re zone to adjacent zones in a fi re event. When initiated by fi re detection, smoke mode operation will automatically close the zone dampers and drive the smoke zone VAV boxes to minimum supply and 100 percent exhaust settings. The creation of the negatively pressured smoke zone will allow occupants to travel to an adjacent zone not aff ected by the smoke event, enabling a more controlled evacuation. Conversely, should occupant zones be unaff ected, patients can remain in place and continue receiving care. All low-pressure supply and return air ductwork only serve areas within its primary fi re zone. No low-pressure duct penetrates the fi re zone boundaries. There are two main duct shafts running through the building. Each shaft contains two supply and two return risers. A supply duct loop is cross-connected The Shirley Ryan AbilityLab is capable of treating the most complex conditions, including spinal cord injury, stroke and traumatic brain injury. 44 Medical Construction & Design | SEPTEMBER /OCTOBER 2017 | MCDM AG.COM

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