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building impacted by a single failure event. Specifying smaller, medium-voltage cables owned and managed by the utility company to distribute power vertically within the building off ered cost savings and promoted reliability, as the utility company is best suited to manage and maintain the medium-voltage electrical system. The essential power system consists of three 1500 kW generators connected via paralleling gear. Automatic transfer switches are limited to 800 amps and smaller to further break the distribution system down to sizes that help limit the extent of an outage from single points of failure. While three generators were specifi ed, only two are needed to satisfy the load (including air conditioning), bringing N+1 reliability to the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab. Generators are programmed to come online within 10 seconds of power failure. Each of the two electrical closets on patient fl oors were confi gured adjacent to the two smoke zones, with all branch circuits exiting the electrical closets and routed directly into the associated smoke zone. This promotes reliability, minimizing the possibility of fi re in one smoke zone aff ecting patient care in an adjacent zone. Furthermore, this confi guration adds fl exibility by providing close and fl exible power distribution to each ability lab, should another piece of technolog y or equipment be added down the road. Ensuring reliable ac- cess to electronic medical records was also a necessity. Therefore, a central uninter- ruptable power supply pro- vides power to the data center and all IDF closets. Medical gas room at Shirley Ryan AbilityLab. Each patient fl oor is split into four smoke zones, separated by fi re walls and doors, with a smoke containment system. A = Ability lab; B, C and D = Patient room areas. 46 Medical Construction & Design | SEPTEMBER /OCTOBER 2017 | MCDM AG.COM

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