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SEP-OCT 2017

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MCDM AG.COM | SEPTEMBER /OCTOBER 2017 | Medical Construction & Design 55 further away from the build- ing or doorway, directing them to shine on the building façade. Pests will be drawn to the light itself and patients and employees will still fi nd their way. > Install insect light traps to capture fl ies and identify the source of fl y activity. These discreet traps use ultraviolent light to draw fl ies to a non- toxic sticky board inside. > Design drainage systems that direct moisture away from the building, including a roof slope drainage system that directs water away from the building and systems to drain water into ponds or similar structures. > Keep thresholds fl ush with doorways. Thresholds collect dirt and food debris that can attract fruit fl ies and cockroaches. If there's a space under the door, it's like a welcome mat for pests to go inside. > Choose the right fl ooring. Carpets can attract pests and are harder to clean. Quarry tile, commercial grade vinyl or similar materials are easier to clean and don't trap moisture. > Use concrete fl oors in garbage and recycling areas. Slope the fl oor to a drain to prevent dirt and grime from building up, which attracts pests like cockroaches. Also, don't forget to design a hose spout in those areas. Design to remove pest shelters Pests love to hide in all the places that are out of sight – walls, voids and tiny cracks or Keep vegetation away from the building exterior to help prevent pests from jumping onto the wall. A Better Patient Experience Begins Here. Discover a meaningful patient experience designed around the patient. medTV provides home-like entertainment while connecting patients to their care; all delivered on a tablet display at the patients fingertips. medTV is the affordable interactive solution to fit your unique needs.

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