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SEP-OCT 2017

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68 Medical Construction & Design | SEPTEMBER /OCTOBER 2017 | MCDM AG.COM Products St. Mary's Medical Center is a 371-bed hospital in the Philadelphia suburb of Langhorne, Pennsylvania that provides advanced care for cardiol- ogy, oncology, orthopedics and emergency/trauma services. It is known for being one of America's 100 Best Hospitals for orthopedic surgery and joint replace- ment, and has been recognized to have among the best cancer programs in the United States. When St. Mary's was faced with failing fl oors in its surgical suites, administrators initially had concerns about the length of a shutdown period and the eff ect the installation procedures would have on this highly active and sensitive environment. Stonhard off ered a high-performance, seamless, long-lasting fl ooring solution with a multi-phased installation method to meet the hospital's requirements and special circumstances. Healthcare facilities, like St. Mary's, are demanding environments that face high traffi c, impact from surgical instru- ments, abrasion from heavy equipment and stains and wear from harsh chemicals and rigorous cleaning. When traditional sheet fl ooring products are installed, they often do not have the necessary physical characteristics to endure these unforgiv- ing conditions over time. Though sheet goods may appear seamless, they are not truly weldless and cannot match the level of durability and protection that a quality, expertly installed, poured-in-place fl oor- ing system is able to provide. As in the case with St. Mary's surgical suites, they will become damaged and begin to fail. When Stonhard was contracted to re- place the fl oors in fi ve of the medical cen- ter's orthopedic surgical suites, the fl oors had already undergone numerous patch- ing repairs over several years. The patches left the fl oors looking like quilts of varying colors, rather than the smooth, profession- al space they desired. The patching repairs also made moving surgical equipment across the fl oor problematic. In order to ensure the fl ooring would last without the need for repairs, St. Mary's chose Stonres RTZ, a urethane mortar system that is preferred for operat- ing rooms for its ergonomic, resilient, noise-reducing and stain-resistant prop- erties. Like all Stonhard resinous fl oor- ing systems, Stonres RTZ has no welds, seams or joints. This prevents bacteria from fi nding places to harbor and grow. The seamless design makes Stonres RTZ not only easy to clean and maintain, but delivers the added benefi t of supporting infection control programs. Additionally, Stonres is a high-performance system providing protection from falling surgical instruments and heavy traffi c from equip- ment and personnel. To accommodate St. Mary's busy and sensitive surgical environment, Stonhard worked closely with administrators to develop a detailed schedule, installing fl oors one surgical suite at a time, which allowed surgeons to continue to use the other operating rooms. Stonhard pro- vided a "white-glove installation," taking special care to keep sound and vibration to a minimum and ensuring areas were properly ventilated and any odors were controlled. Stonhard's expert installation crew handled its operations for the hospi- tal with precision care. Today, St. Mary's continues to pro- vide its award-winning orthopedic care in operating rooms that are smooth and easy to keep clean, stain-free and sterile. Surgeons and patients enjoy the benefi t of Stonres RTZ resiliency, which provides noise reduction, and comfort underfoot. Visit From top: A poured-in-place urethane mortar system provides this orthopedic surgical suite with weldless, long-lasting, stain-resistant fl oors. > Stonres RTZ offers a vast color palette with the option to incorporate traditional patterns or custom designs. Orthopedic surgical environment gets 'white glove' fl ooring installation, long-term solution Precision Care FLOORING applications, case studies & best practices

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