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MCDM AG.COM | NOV EMBER / DECEMBER 2017 | Medical Construction & Design 55 FIXTURES Flow Rate Reduced for Touch-Free Faucets To meet water conservation and sustainability initiatives, Chicago Faucets has lowered the fl ow rate to 0.35 gpm for EQ Series electronic faucets using Self-Sustaining Power Systems. The SSPS model features an internal turbine and rechargeable storage device that constantly cre- ates and stores energy generated by the fl ow of water with no minimum or maximum usage per day. The touch-free EQ Series electronic faucets are designed for easy installation, easy maintenance and easy opera- tion. The EQ Series is perfectly suited, for example, in the most demanding patient rooms, restrooms and other areas of the hospital. The solenoid, power module and mixing valve of the EQ Series are assembled into a compact control box that fi ts under the sink and installs with two screws; stainless steel hose and electronics cable are pre-installed for simple plug-and-play installation and EQ has built-in intelligence for superior user detection. ID#112 WALL PANELING & WALL SYSTEMS CS Introduces Vertically Folding Walls The new Vista Air Vertically Folding Walls from Construction Specialties are a fl exible space solution that permits refreshing, open spaces while occupying a signifi cantly smaller footprint than sectional, counter- balance or "accordion" doors. The system's low-profi le design features a proprietary Rizon Lift System, which utilizes qui- etly meshing gears to replace the counterweights, tension springs, straps, hydraulics and pulleys traditionally found in fl exible space management solutions. Vista Air was developed to harmonize with adjacent building components and is available in several mounting options and cladding materials, includ- ing metal, wood and glass. Possible attachment systems include insu- lated wall panels, concrete masonry units and wood framing. ID#110 Products GLASS Privacy Glass Solutions Portfolio Offers Custom Artwork Color has been proven to be effective in creating an excit- ing or calming infl uence in healthcare, and that's why Vista- matic is introducing Vista-Art. Applying artwork to the door can stimulate memory and help with orientation, making it easier for people to fi nd their rooms. Vistamatic can create and develop a choice of creative visuals that can transform the aesthetics of an environment, while maintaining the privacy and observation controls of its vision panel. ID#113 New Colors for Wall Panel Product Line Nichiha USA, Inc. has announced two new colors in its Wood Series wall panels: Redwood and Ash. The colors, created for architects seeking red and gray tones in siding, join Cedar and Bark in Nichiha's VintageWood lineup. The VintageWood product line offers the rich and warm look of wood without the drawbacks of natural wood cladding. In comparison to natural wood siding, the panels offer the same texture, ease of instal- lation and cost. It is resistant to warping, rotting and pests. It also comes with a built-in rainscreen, which allows moisture to escape from the wall panels, reducing the risk of water damage. The panels can be installed vertically or horizontally for both interior and exterior applications. 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