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MAR-APR 2018

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38 Medical Construction & Design | M A RCH /A PR IL 2018 | MCDM AG.COM exam and infusion spaces, that could potentially fl ex their function and increase pro- ductivity. To achieve this, the team needed to develop a way to create separate, but shared, pods for physicians and to separate infusion nurse sta- tions from exam nurse stations so clinical information would not be exposed. Creating these adaptable spaces also required the development and integra- tion of eff ective wayfi nding so- lutions throughout the interior design. Traditionally, infusion and clinic spaces have been con- sidered independent depart- ments, which prefer a close proximity. To provide long- term fl exibility, reduce travel distances and improve produc- tivity, the distinction of these two spaces as silo departments was eliminated. The team's so- lution allows the clinical exam space to expand by converting private infusion bays back to exam as the potential for infu- sion services wane. 1. The natural walnut wood wall wraps the public common areas on each fl oor while entrances to public spaces are highlighted by wood portals signifying destinations within the facility. Large, colorful artwork adorns the walls throughout the facility refl ecting nature and the four seasons. 2. The radiation oncology caregiver station is located on the fi rst fl oor with direct visibility to each of the 10 exam rooms and easy access to the radiation treatment spaces. The translucent glass doors allow for natural light to fl ood the corridors. The abstracted branch pattern was inspired by the winter season and provides beautiful layered imagery while also providing privacy for patients. 36 Number of expansive private infusion suites $60M Cost to build Community Cancer Center North 4 Number of pods that include eight infusion rooms and eight exam rooms Specialty Spaces S ISSUE FOCUS 1 2 BY THE NUMBERS

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