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MAR-APR 2018

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40 Medical Construction & Design | M A RCH /A PR IL 2018 | MCDM AG.COM was to extend the spirit and year-round beauty found in the ever-changing seasons of Indianapolis, by abstracting nature in the design and soft- ening the Community Health Network brand through or- ganic, invigorating, refreshing environments that celebrate the four seasons. Sleek, clean lines with nature-inspired materials were implemented into the design, creating an environment of hope and healing. As one enters the facility, they are greeted by a warm, welcoming lobby of natural stone and rich woods accented by brightly saturated colors that extend the spirit and beauty of the four seasons. Throughout the interior, entrances to public spaces are highlighted by wood portals signifying destinations within the facility, while each fl oor is designated by a color to ease wayfi nding. A community table outside the café provides an en- joyable quiet space enhanced by natural light with built-in tech- nology allowing for convenient access to power for visitors, while refl ecting on the outdoor healing garden. The spirit of the four seasons is evident in the natural textures, abstracted patterns, layers of transparency and a variety of tones incorpo- rated within the architectural features and fi nishes. The artwork selected was also inspired by the four seasons, and many local pieces were chosen to create an em- phasis on community involve- ment and provide a connection to the visitors within. The focal point of the café is the art fea- ture comprised of individually painted wooden blocks, symbol- izing the collaboration of the hospital. The individual com- ponents represent the medi- cal professionals and patients who enter the doors and, when Specialty Spaces S ISSUE FOCUS 1 2 1. The warm, welcoming lobby with nature-inspired materials accented by brightly saturated hues creates a home-like atmosphere that promotes hope and healing. It refl ects a connection to nature through the implementation of the four seasons of Indiana. 2. Large expansive windows maximizing visibility and natural light while the simplistic, clean lines of the exterior design blends into the surrounding buildings on the north campus. 3. Within the private infusion rooms, strategic and careful planning went into each room, designing with the patient in mind. Support groups with patients, family and staff infl uenced the design so patients are given more control of their environment. 4. Commissioned artwork throughout, many by local artists, refl ects the artists' impressionistic view of the ever-changing four seasons of Indiana and the similarity to the ever-changing journey a cancer patient may experience from diagnosis to survivorship.

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