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MAR-APR 2018

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54 Medical Construction & Design | M A RCH /A PR IL 2018 | MCDM AG.COM WALL TILE Ceramic Wall Tile Made From Recycled Materials, Feature Photo-Realistic Patterns Imagine Tile expands its Art of Board Series of commer- cially rated ceramic tiles by adding 12-inch by 12-inch and 8-inch by 8-inch tiles. The original collection consists of 3-inch by 6-inch and 12-inch by 24-inch photo-realistic tiles with vibrant patterns/textures and alternating pops of playful color from reclaimed skateboard decks. All ceramic wall tile comes with a standard fi nish made with pre-consumer recycled materials and are com- mercially rated for high-traffi c areas. In addition, they contain no VOCs, are resistant to strong chemicals and are unaffected by UV lighting. These tiles are suitable for both interior and exterior use. ID#105 PAINT New Sherwin-Williams Palettes Specially Curated for Use in Healthcare Drawing on the latest color trends from the 2018 ColormixColor Forecast, Sherwin-Williams created new, specially curated palettes specifi cally for the healthcare markets. For public healthcare spaces, offi ce and hospitality design are major infl uencers and drivers behind the vibrant colors of the Focused Energy palette, which help to guide and engage. The Composed Organics palette was infl uenced by the need for privacy in a healthcare setting and features earthy tones for a quiet, calming feel. ID#107 Products For more information on these products, visit DOORS & HARDWARE New Ergonomic Levers Designed in Collaboration with Gensler Allegion has launched a line of levers designed with Gensler. The Schlage M Collection ergonomic levers are optimized for comfort and functionality, making operation more comfortable to the wrist and hands. Ergonomic design fo- cuses on human interactions with products to reduce discomfort. There are many benefi ts, includ- ing improved well-being and door operating effi ciencies. The ME1 ergonomic lever is apt for healthcare facilities. It is designed to be soft to the touch, us- ing gentle curves that contour with the hand for easy actuation. Ideal for senior living facilities, the ME3 easy-access lever is slightly larger to address the needs of the active, yet aging population. The thicker lever allows for easy grasping, while the lever angle positions the large gripping surface in a way that reduces actuation force. ID#108 HELIPAD Helipads Designed, Built Green Lily Helipads are "designed and built green," capturing all aircraft fl uids such as jet fuel and de-icing liquid. This design eliminates the need for the use of ice-melt chemicals. A built-in heating system automatically provides a snow and ice melt component for the entire landing pad. This ensures "slip-and-fall" free access on the helipad and the walk- ways leading to the emergency room. Other features include a frangible windsock. Unlike conventional windsocks, this new frangible windsock is designed to break apart if there is accidental con- tact with a helicopter. Internal illumination within the frangible windsock and state- of-the-art LED perimeter lighting around the helipad ensure superior nighttime vis- ibility. All landing lighting can be remotely activated by any incoming aircraft. ID#104 FABRICS & TEXTILES New High-Performance Upholstery Fabric Introduced A new super strong and durable fabric, engineered to be environmentally responsible, Sta-Kleen Polycarbonate has been launched by The Mitchell Group. The product is designed for markets that require a fabric able to withstand demanding applications and yet has a luxurious texture and feel. The fabric is VOC-free, contains no polyvinyl chloride, plasticizers, phthalates, heavy metals or stabilizers. It is RoHS and REACH compliant, with mostly all solvents mill recycled. The fabric will initially be off ered in fi ve patterns: Donegal, a two-tone weave pattern in 15 colors; Matrix, a linen look in 29 colors; Sammie, a solid pattern in 21 colors; Sawcut, a raw-cut wood grain design in 19 colors and Sparkle, a geometric pattern in 17 colors. ID#106

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