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M E D I C A L C O N S T R U C T I O N D E S I G N MCDM AG.COM | M AY/ J U N E 2018 | Medical Construction & Design 1 A few months ago, I was suff ering from a terrible sinus infection. I con- sidered going to an urgent care early in the evening when I remembered another option — telemedicine. Costing less than a visit to urgent care and also being half the cost of a visit to my PCP, it was an attractive option. While seated in my own bedroom with one dog in my lap and an- other by my side, I made my appointment, checked my vitals, con- sulted with the doctor and she sent my prescription for antibiot- ics electronically to my pharmacy all within about 30 minutes. I was satisfi ed with my experience, but I did notice the lighting was pretty dark on the doctor's side. Despite basic features and her white scrubs bearing a hospital logo, it was diffi cult to see her. As it turns out, lighting is one telemedi- cine topic frequently discussed. Tele- medicine was brought up during the recent California Hospital Outpatient Facili ties Medical Offi ce Buildings Summit (hosted by the Corporate Realty, Design & Man- agement Institute and the Health Care Institute of IFMA) as a hot topic for 2018. Doug Erickson, CEO, Facility Guidelines Institute, said "There are emerging issues for the design of telemedicine spaces, including concerns about lighting. What if there is a glare coming from a window that aff ects the clinician's ability to properly diagnose a patient? These concerns must be addressed (source:" Overall, additional top considerations in designing these spaces were discussed by Tama Duff y Day, principal and fi rmwide health & well- ness practice area leader at Gensler and MCD editorial board mem- ber, in an article she wrote in our November/December 2017 issue: "When it comes to one-on-one interactions between patients and practitioners, focus is key. Thus, workstations should be de- signed accordingly. Because visual and aural privacy will be top pri- orities, workstations should feature movable screening devices and sound-dampening materials. Also, there must be enough space be- tween workstations to allow for aural privacy and concentration." In addition, The Advisory Board Company, a healthcare research, technology and consulting fi rm, recommends telemedicine spaces have a neutral-colored wall or background. Light grey and light blue are the best colors to use to avoid tampering with image quality (Does your facility have the right set-up for telemedicine? — Telemedicine will likely be a hot topic beyond this year, as technology advances and we work out the kinks in fi ne-tuning this delivery of care, along with the spaces needed to provide it. We will keep you abreast of de- velopments in this area — and more specifi cally — its facility implications. Meanwhile, enjoy the issue! Michelle Tennis Beyond the Screen Telemedicine facility considerations hot topic for 2018 and beyond EDITORIAL PURPOSE: MCD - Medical Construction & Design, (USPS Periodical #19970), ISSN 2155-823X provides the reader with insights and information related to the healthcare construction and design industry. MCD - Medical Construction & Design is published six times a year, bimonthly, by Inform Publishing Group LLC, 8040 E. Morgan Trail, Ste. 23, Scottsdale, AZ 85258. Periodical postage paid at Scottsdale, AZ and additional mailing offices. SUBSCRIPTIONS: Annual subscriptions are free of charge for qualified requesters. Non-qualified subscribers will be charged $45 in the United States, $75 in Canada and Mexico and $105 in all other countries. Single copies (prepaid): $9 in the United States (plus postage), $14 in Canada and Mexico (plus postage) and $19 in all other countries (plus postage). POSTMASTER: Send address changes to MCD - Medical Construction & Design, P.O. Box 211, Lowell, MA 01853. TRADEMARKS: Medical Construction & Design is a registered trademark of Inform Publishing Group LLC. OPINIONS NOTICE: The opinions expressed in the articles are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of Inform Publishing Group LLC. Inform Publishing Group LLC assumes no liability for any material published herein. COPYRIGHT: Copyright 2018 by Inform Publishing Group LLC. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means, without the prior written permission from Inform Publishing Group LLC. M C D M E DICA L CONST RUCT ION & DE SIGN E D I T O R I A L B OA R D Jim Degnan, P.E., LEED AP Principal, Discipline Lead, Electrical, Stantec Tama Duff y Day, FACHE, FIIDA, FASID, LEED AP BD+C Principal, Firmwide Health & Wellness Practice Area Leader, Gensler Robin Guenther, FAIA, LEED AP Principal, Perkins+Will Dan Lee, AAHID, AIA, ASID, IIDA, EDAC Vice President, Architecture and Business Development, Interprise Design Past President, American Academy of Healthcare Interior Designers Alison LeVino Jones, AAHID, ASID, IIDA, LEED AP Principal, LeVino Jones Medical Interiors, Inc., Communications Chair, American Academy of Healthcare Interior Designers George J. Mann, AIA Professor, The Skaggs-Sprague Endowed Chair of Health Facilities Design, College of Architecture, Texas A&M University Founder and Chairman, The RPD (Resource Planning and Development) Group James W. Moler, P.E., LEED AP Member, Green Guide for Health Care Steering Committee T. Scott Rawlings, AIA, FACHA, LEED AP Director of Healthcare, HOK Past President, AIA Academy of Architecture for Health J. Patrick Schultz, AIA, EDAC, LEED AP Registered architect: District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia; certifi ed, National Council of Architectural Registration Boards Ronald L. Skaggs, FAIA, FACHA, FHFI, LEED AP Chairman Emeritus, HKS, Inc. Former President, American Institute of Architects Joseph G. Sprague, FAIA, FACHA, FHFI Senior Vice President/Director Health Facilities, HKS, Inc. Greg Wieland, AIA Design Director, Little Diversifi ed Architectural Consulting A D V E R T I S I N G S A L E S Main Sales Offi ce 480-361-6300, Stuart Mann 480-361-6300, Gregg Willinger 914-588-0545, Jim Oestmann 847-838-0500, Take a moment to renew (or order) your free MCD subscription. 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